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Proper Posture at your Computer
Contrary to popular opinion, the ideal position for your computer monitor is not at or below eye level.
For the past few years, I have been teaching patients to raise up the monitor height, so that the middle of the monitor is above eye level. This facilitates an improved neck and head position, and therefore reduces abnormal stress and strain upon the neck and shoulder muscles. 
In the research journal, Ergonomics (1992 vol. 35 #4, 427-436) 

Improving the sitting posture of CAD/CAM workers by increasing VDU monitor working height the conclusion of the article states;

Analysis of the results showed that working at monitor placed in such a position that the direction of the view was 15 degrees above the horizontal resulted in a considerably better posture. (One is sitting more erect and the head is less bent forwrd.) ...The results of this test indicate that placing the middle of the monitor at eye level results in a better sitting posture for CAD/CAM workers.

What does all this mean for you?

Position your monitor at a height where the middle of the screen is slightly above eye level. This will allow your head and neck to be positioned at or near the ideal position the majority of the time. Not only will this allow you to concentrate better, and to focus on the tasks at hand, but it will minimize the stress and strain upon all of your spinal tissues.

If you are in active spinal rehabilitation, this may mean your abnormal spinal position will improve more rapidly. If you have completed care and are in supportive care, it may enable you to reduce stress on your spinal structure, and avoid a reoccurrence of postural spinal subluxation.

The long term effects of abnormal posture can be devastating. The impact of spinal degeneration on your ability to function normally at work, at play or even in your relationships with others can be a significant limitation. In severe cases, it can stop you from performing at all. Avoidance of any and all abnormal spinal positions is most important to optimize your body function. Normalizing your spinal posture while working on your computer is just one more way to improve your overall health. Remember, optimal posture is a major part of optimal health. Optimal health keeps all of your options open in life.

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